Ernő Zoltán RUBIK is a pianist, improviser and composer. In his music he explores the division between audience and performer, improvisation and composition, live and recorded material. He works as a composer and performer in theater and dance projects, which often blur mediums through the use of improvisation. He has performed as a dancer and is also a versatile beat boxer and vocalist. He currently studies composition at Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Budapest.

Lawrence WILLIAMS  is a tenor and alto saxophonist and composer. Having lived in London for the last nine years, he attended Eddie Prevost’s improvisation workshop during 2007.  He currently lives in Budapest.    He has a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and works extensively with theatre, dance and sometimes circus.  He continues to curate and organise concerts where and when he can which usually focus on placing musicians in unique and sonically interesting spaces.


Bálint BOLCSÓ (*1979) studied instrumental and electroacoustic composition in Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Hannover and Cologne. He was a regular participant of the International Bartók Seminar in Szombathely, Hungary. His compositions were performed at Bartók Festival, Budapest Autumn Festival, Making New Waves, Wien Modern, among others. Currently he is working on his DLA thesis about electroacoustic improvisation at the Liszt University of Music, Budapest. He writes vocal, instrumental and electroacoustic pieces, radio plays, sound installations as well as applied music for film, dance and theatre. He often uses live electronics both in composed and in improvised music.


Ernő HOCK was born in the middle hungarian countrytown, Mezőtúr in 22 of December 1979. Since the age of 7 he learnt to play the violin for a good 10 years. When at secondary school he took up the guitar by himself and it wasn’ t long before he started the bass guitar. He played with several rock bands and he had a heart for folk music on the violin, wich in fact he never ceased to play.  He started to learn to play double bass in Budapest in 2000 and 3 years later he joined Hungarian Music Academy’ s Jazz Faculty in double bass. He is a co-founder of ethno- folk- world music group ‘Zuboly’. He also plays drums as a sideline in ‘Ama’ with a Hungarian saxophonist István Grencsó and he also plays in ‘Grencsó Collective’ with him. He has contributed in dance and theatre shows. Recently he is been a member of a nostalgic beat- funk band ‘Qualitons’ wich boasts to have the forever popular female singer of the 60s and 70s, Kati Kovács.


Zsolt SÁRVÁRI KOVÁCS is a drummer and percussionist living in Budapest. He studied at Liszt Ferenc musical conservatory (in the Jazz section).
He has played with many fantastic musicians including: Gado Gabor,Agoston Bela and Grencso Istvan, Kovacs Linda Quartet and Dresch Mihaly.
Among his longer collaborations are Quartet B (1997-2004) of Borbely Mihaly, and Vaczi Daniel (from 1998 to today).

His musical style is heavily influenced by popular music (not only Hungarian), modern
classical music (Bartok, Debussy, Stravinsky, Satie), and by the New York Underground
scene (Joey Baron, Jim Black, Tom Rainey, John Zorn, Tim Berne).

From 2004 -2008 he lived in Rome where he played with Maurizio Urbani Quintet,
Gabriele Coen Quartet, Negyet Quartet (F.Zacchia-D.Grotelli-S.Cantararno-Zs.Kovacs), and Giuseppe La spina Quartet.  He continues to work with these musicians.

He teaches jazz drumming at the Tòth Aladàr Music School.

In 1998 he began to work leather by hand; he produces various objects, but specializes
in musical instrument cases.



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