Here’s our history in a nutshell. We started the band in last August, in Budapest, Hungary. After a one week rehearsal period and a concert, we recorded our demo.

By the middle of October, all of us will be in one geographical spot after spending one year spread all over Europe. Bálint studied in Köln with Johannes Schöllhorn, Ernő (the Rubik, but not exactly the one with the cube) took some fresh air in Paris having been occupied with theater, The American School of Modern Music (mainstream jazz refill) and contact danse (e.g. @canaldanse), Lawrence ravened fouriously between England, France and Romania working in projects like the URBANRABBITs, a new-circus experience directed by Árpád Schilling.

Ernő (the Hock) and Zsolti stayed mostly in Budapest except some tours with Grencsó or Váczi Dani. Ernő (the Hock) and Juli has a baby now. Bravo for them!

Being born.
Leaving and returning.
(To be reborn.)
Budapest is the place to be. (hehe)

Can’t wait to start working again, guys!


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